Four voices, four instruments and above all fourfold female energy, that is music Euphorica . Our songs are performed all over Europe as well as the Czech countries. Euphorica plays the gothic, medieval and renaissance music and also pagan folk from Spain, France, Germany and Italy. But musicians also play the traditional folk songs from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and nowadays the songs also from cold north of Finland and traditional song from homeladn Czech republic. Meet the culture of ancient Europe.
Euphorica is a band of unique musicians, who play medieval historical music and “World Music”, in their case traditional European folk music, in a contemporary way. While searching for new songs the musicians rely on their musical knowledge and depend on their feelings for the song. Euphorica is looking for a repertoire that can develop musical and in which they find the potential for their vocal and instrumental arrangements.

Traditional folk songs from Europe in the genre of "World Music" collects Euphorica across the continent on their foreign shows. European traditional folk songs come mainly from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Croatia and other European countries. Euphorica also play folk songs from Bohemia and Moravia, especially abroad, they want to bring this Slavic folk melodies closer to an audiences. You can hear traditional songs by Euphorica at music festivals, concerts, and in various musical projects.

Euphorica music band
The medieval music in the program has its origin from different parts of Europe. In the repertoire Euphorica appears Sephardic songs from Spain, Latin songs from Germany and the Czech Republic, or Occitan and France, and melodies from Italy. You can hear our medieval music at medieval festivals, historical markets, but also at weddings and company parties. Abroad, you can hear us, particularly in Germany and Spain.

Euphorica Eva Zidkova Euphorica Kateøina Bartošová Euphorica Iva Sarecova Euphorica Marketa Stivinova
Eva Žídková
Voice | Drums
Davul | Djembee
Kateøina Bartošová
Voice | Brass
Shawm | Clarinet
Iva Šáøecová
Voice | Strings
Cister | Guitar
Markéta Stivínová
Zpìv | Brass
Flute | Shawm

History of band Euphorica

The music band Euphorica formed in 2007. Its members have played not only in medieval bands in previous years. Drummer and singer Eva Žídková and singer and player cister Iva Šáøecová played in the professional medieval band Psalteria several years. Other experienced musician is professional flutist Markéta Stivínová who plays as a solo flutist also range from jazz to classical. Clarinetist Kateøina Bartošová has experience from a music school, where studied traditional and non-traditional styles.

Some members also collaborated with famous German medieval band Corvus Corax at musical show Cantus Buranus, with which visited Berlin, Hamburg Wacken Open Air festival and the Netherlands.

Our best references

Spain - Tortosa Spain - Ripoll Germany - Trebsen Austria - Kapfenberg Germany - Spremberg
Euphorica in Tortosa Euphorica in Ripoll Euphorica in Trebsen Euphorica in Kapfenberg Euphorica in Spremberg
Euphorica in Neuenburg Euphorica in Hnìvín Euphorica in Oslavany Euphorica in Krivoklat Euphorica in Kaltenberg
Germany - Neuenburg Czech Republic - Hnìvín Czech Republic - Oslavany Czech Republic - Køivoklát Germany - Kaltenberg

Our other references and other events

  • Music Festival in German town Selb
  • Hungarian historical festival at city Ozora
  • Event at the castle Litice for company LUX
  • Event for German bank Sparkassenverbund
  • Corporate dinner for Commercial Bank
  • Brandenburg - Medieval Festival - Germany
  • Braunschweig - Town Festival - Germany
  • Frýdlant - Town Festival - Czech Republic
  • Hude - Medieval Festival - Germany
  • Selb - Music Festival - Germany
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