Offer „World music“

Our concerts include songs from Europe, folk songs from the Czech Republic, traditional songs from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy or Spain. On festovals and public concerts Euphorica usually performs in black and red costumes. We prefer full-sound version.

Offer „Medieval music“

Performance is focused on medieval music of South Europe, Sephardic songs from Spain, Latin songs from Middle Europe. The Band is dressed up in gothic, renaissance or juggler costumes, which you can chose with order. Availably accoustic or full-sound version.

Direction of concerts:

The program is combined for music festivals, public concerts, music projects and there, where our music entertains people. Normal duration of the concert is 90 minutes. Possibility of a different arrangement.

Direction of programs:

The program is appropriate for town celebrations, historical and medieval fairs, private parties, hotel banquets etc. Usual duration of the program is 5x20 minut per day. Other schedules can be arranged.

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